Rationale of the seminar 

The aim of the seminar for architecture students  “Łódź U Like - to see, to touch, to experience, to live, to relate”  is to provide students with a  platform to  share experience from their architectural journeys, to distant and close places, literal or figurative, literal or imaginary . It is one of the main activities of Architecture Students Scientific Circle IX PIĘTRO. The main idea of this event is the same as the goals of our Scientific Circle: to propagate and disseminate students’ self-study on architectural heritage, latest trends and achievements in Polish and world architecture. It is not only to share knowledge and experience but also to arouse students’ interests.
The first editions were initiated and organized by three of our graduate students: Aleksandra Majda , Paula Basińska and Nina Grochowska. The seminars for architecture students “Łódź U Like - to see, to touch, to experience, to live, to relate” have been organized for five years.